Is Blockchain Secure? If Not, How To Make It Secure?

Is It Bad?

What Makes Blockchain Secure?

Blockchain Secure Data: How To Stay Safe

Problems With Blockchain Security

Using Blockchain To Secure Data

Is A Blockchain Wallet Transaction Secure?

What To Do?

Level: Already Dead But Doesn’t Know It

  1. Get 2-factor identification for your exchange account.
    It’s not much but the hacker will need to also have your phone.
  2. Get email confirmation for every time you withdraw funds.
    You will also have to approve the transaction on another device.
  3. Get a separate authentication app.
    This nifty little gadget will require you to enter a separate PIN on a separate device in addition to the previous two factors.

Level: Noob

  1. Get a hardware wallet.
    This is a MUST. A hardware wallet is a physical device that you connect to your PC and it’s almost impossible to break into. A Ledger Nano will display the private data on the hardware wallet screen. This means that even if your phone or PC is infected with screen capture software, the con artist won’t get the data.
  2. Check the website address. 85% of attacks on companies use phishing.
    Make sure you’re on the actual site you’re looking for!

Level: Experienced

Level: Hardcore

Level: God

Level: Andreas Antonopoulos

  1. Stop listening to nonsense and learn how to find genuine experts.
    The consequences of listening to fake gurus will be a memory to carry with you for decades.
  2. Get a Ledger Nano.
    Hack the hacker by using next-gen tech.
  3. Study up!
    The best investment is education. Using advanced coding will pretty much guarantee you’re invisible to everyone — including hackers. Don’t stop there! There are 88 000 courses on Coursera alone on literally everything. You can find even more fun and slick education here.

Why Is Blockchain So Secure?



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