Crypto Trading Tournaments: Make Money Without Having Money

Trading, for the most part, is associated in people’s minds with high calculus maths, risk assessment, panic methods, and a couple of degrees — one in economics, and another one in hiding your money so that no-one gets to it.

While no degree will teach you how not to get hacked (you’ll just have to hope a good hacker doesn’t get interested in you), a diploma in economics will be really useful. It’s really useful to start bonfires with — and maybe it’ll keep the predators away since more often than not diplomas are useless and will only get you in debt.

Why The Educational System Won’t Kill You But It’ll Take Your Life

The bitter truth is that schools and Universities leave people completely unprotected under enemy fire when they try to get a real job for the first time. And that’s just the educational system, which is one of the nicest things about our lives. The world, by and large, is not a nice place. In quite a few civilized countries try missing a mortgage and your house is gone. If you get stuck with a $5000 hospital bill (just for recovery, a week, not including surgery), if you want to live, you better have the money. An Army Sergeant earns just over $2400 a month in the US, never mind medics, teachers, and firefighters who are getting modest wages to say the least. In a job where getting killed is pretty much in the job description, getting your broken leg back in one piece costs anywhere from $17,000 to $35,000. And the US is better off financially than 92% of the planet.

Well, I say it’s time all people had access to wealth, not just Wall Street wolves.

How Can I Make Money Without Having Money?

Some tournaments allow you to begin with demo money, win, and get rewarded a real prize. What matters is the skill. Here’s an example:

“Get 10,000 virtual USDT in your demo account and start trading. Get more profit than others. We’ll award you with real USDT for trading in your real account for the next 7 days. The whole profit after 7 days’ trading (using prize assets) is yours.”

What Does A Tournament Look Like?

The risk is all ours and the gain is all yours. — Zebpay

Who Runs Crypto Tournaments

The total limit for the prize pool can reach as high as 120,000 USDT, while the maximum number of winners can be as many as 400. — SnapEx

How To Get Registered

Why You Need Easy Access To Trading And Crypto Trading Tournaments

Even if there’s peace but you’re just living in an economically disadvantaged area, if you’re not one of the elites officially approved for a bank account you’re in trouble. Forex won’t be kind to you either. You need a minimum deposit to trade, be a desirable person with plenty of money and good recommendations for banks to take you and so on. If you were a single mom and you couldn’t keep up with the rent you need to borrow money at extortionate rates — and if you didn’t give it back you’d eventually get arrested.

Well, I say old man Satoshi was the proverbial Prometheus and now it’s time for us to pull a burning twig out of the fire and start warming people up! Not literally though, right? Thankfully, you don’t have to walk 800 miles with a burning twig these days to save someone from the cold.

The Internet does it for us — with the help of crypto the global banking cartel is out of the way, geographical boundaries are no longer a problem, and no-one can stop good things from happening anywhere.

Nominex offers a registration that doesn’t ask a-ny-thing of you so no authority can not let you in. And if you’re new to trading, which pretty much everyone is, you register in a heartbeat and use a demo account to get real money.

Where is the catch? — I hear you say. There is one catch. You have to be a trading Yoda to win a tournament. But if you’re going to save your life and become truly free by working on your laptop while eating croissants — you might as well learn everything there is to know about trading, right? And what’s better than a demo crypto trading tournament to start with?

If you get really good, there will be nothing you can’t do. Doesn’t matter where you’re from and how much money you make. If you have talent, if you’re honest and open to new things, you can and you will win. The Universe tends to unfold just as it should.

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