A well-thought-out marketing plan for any project is a huge work that plays an important role in the stability of the project on the crypto market.

Today, when drawing up a promotion plan for your project, special attention should be paid to promotion through market opinion leaders or so-called influencers. These people work for themselves and are not accountable to anyone, especially in the industry of cryptocurrencies. But how to conduct a sufficient reliability analysis of a candidate on your own in order to understand for sure whether this industry representative is reliable or is there a risk of fraud…

Trading is famously complicated, at least that’s what 99% of users think. This makes us deeply sad. What is more interesting than new technologies, collaboration, and forensic investigations into hacks, big money, and cloak and dagger stories like that of Satoshi? Trading is exciting, but trading crypto is a whole new level, like upgrading from BMW to a plane. But wait, there are so many buttons in the cockpit, users say. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Nominex makes its life’s ambition to make trading uncomplicated, profitable, full of the best crypto tools available, and ideally as exciting as playing Just…

With news of one or another blockchain coming out every day, cryptocurrencies definitely having a picnic in the financial world, and centralized exchanges falling like dominoes, the public’s interest in this splendiferous new tech is growing exponentially. Bitcoin really did prove its worth by doing, rising from a coin that was considered to be worth less than a hundredth of a penny into something that the market has testified is 9 249 times better than the dollar.

Why wouldn’t it be? It doesn’t transmit diseases, doesn’t get cheaper and cheaper every year (in fact, the USD 15 times lesser in…

Diversification is the name of the game. What are crypto index funds? Should you invest in one? Will that be a better choice than sticking with Bitcoin? Maybe you should pick up some promising new altcoins. Right? You’ve heard stories of people making $50 000 with $300 starting capital. Which decision is the right one?

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, I’m So Confused

The world of crypto is seriously confusing. Imagine driving and having 30 signs all of which tell you where to go — and you have to drive the car in the right direction, otherwise, someone can get seriously hurt. …

Overbalance indicators are a relatively undiscovered topic, so congratulations on reaching the Marianna Trench of trading. We will be your flashlight, and our affiliate program is the oxygen-filled life vest that will carry you up and into the light divine.

It gets a little technical here, but we’ve also attached a video on overbalance indicators below which you can explore independently if you’re a visual learner (if you’re a tactile learner, for now, unfortunately, we can’t help — for now).

You’ll find a growing number of topics here which will cover many areas that will surprise and delight you, especially…

A cryptocurrency wallet is essentially a software program that you use as the credit card — to transact with other market participants. It allows you to receive bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, store it, pay with it for goods and services, trade and exchange for fiat or other coins.

Any wallet stores the public key, that is like your bank account number, and the private key, which is like the PIN number for the credit card. You would want to show the card at the shops but you would never share the pin code with anyone.

The number of crypto…

Seen any tokens for sale lately? History tells us that’s how people make millions. There are thousands of new crypto tokens out. Which one is the new Bitcoin? Let us share our solemn thoughts.

Tekken Or Tokens?

With time you realize playing with money is the most exciting pastime imaginable. That doesn’t stop us from implementing gamification though (who can say goodbye to old games?) — but money comes first.

Perhaps the most beautiful way of making money is investing in promising projects by buying their tokens, forgetting all about them, and waiting for their price to rise. …

Contrary to popular opinion, trading crypto with bots is actually massively underrated, if you know how to use them right.

What’s up with crypto trading bots, you say? You may or may not know but in the last 10 years, 90% of human traders have left large trading centers. They’ve been replaced by boxes with wires that are so intelligently constructed that they can place thousands of orders simultaneously in seconds.

The motive is undebatable: at certain things robots are much better than humans. Multiplying two or three 6-digit characters will likely take you a while but a bot can…

Looking for different types of derivative contracts to enhance your trading? We’re impressed. This is some serious business.

Now that you’re interested in financial derivatives, you’re entering deep waters. Nominex’s deep blue sea is tremendously exciting, full of coral reefs, pretty little goldfish, and chests with treasure at the bottom.

This ocean also has in abundance killer whales (who regularly create astonishing price changes), loan sharks (who’ll charge you an arm and a leg for a $300 loan), and spectacular pufferfish*. Already guessed the metaphor? The answer is at the end.

How to get the treasures buried at the bottom…

Have you ever wondered what arbitrage trading in cryptocurrency is about? Let’s find out! Now that we’ve more or less covered all the basic concepts in our blog, we’re thrilled to let you know you’re moving to more advanced stuff (which happens to also be a lot more effective and fun). You’re ready. The Force inside you is strong.

Just in case, we hope you’ve read this article about responsible trading first plus caught up on some slang and checked out cool new ways of surfing through dramatic price changes with the Elliott Waves Theory.

Now you’re getting into the…

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