A well-thought-out marketing plan for any project is a huge work that plays an important role in the stability of the project on the crypto market.

Today, when drawing up a promotion plan for your project, special attention should be paid to promotion through market opinion leaders or so-called influencers…

A cryptocurrency wallet is essentially a software program that you use as the credit card — to transact with other market participants. It allows you to receive bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, store it, pay with it for goods and services, trade and exchange for fiat or other coins.


Looking for different types of derivative contracts to enhance your trading? We’re impressed. This is some serious business.

Now that you’re interested in financial derivatives, you’re entering deep waters. Nominex’s deep blue sea is tremendously exciting, full of coral reefs, pretty little goldfish, and chests with treasure at the bottom.

Nominex Crypto Exchange

Nominex is a new trading platform for convenient cryptocurrency trading experience with low fees and numerous instruments and tools gathered in one platform

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